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“Sussudio” is a song by English singer-songwriter Phil Collins, released in January 1985 as the lead single from his third solo studio album, “No Jacket Required.” The song became one of Collins’ most recognizable hits and a staple of 1980s pop music. Known for its infectious beat and memorable lyrics, “Sussudio” achieved significant commercial success and remains a defining track in Collins’ solo career.

“Sussudio” was written and produced by Phil Collins. The song was born out of an improvised riff and a placeholder lyric—Collins originally used the word “Sussudio” as a nonsensical, rhythmic filler while composing the track. Eventually, he decided to keep the word as the central theme of the song, giving it a playful and unique title. The lyrics of “Sussudio” revolve around a young man’s infatuation with a girl named Sussudio. Although the name itself is made-up, the song effectively conveys the excitement and longing associated with a crush. The lyrics capture the essence of youthful desire and the exuberant energy of trying to win someone’s affection.

The song’s distinctive horn arrangement was played by the Phenix Horns, the horn section of Earth, Wind & Fire, adding a layer of energy and sophistication to the track.

“Sussudio” was a major commercial success, reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States and peaking at number 12 on the UK Singles Chart. The song also performed well internationally, charting in several countries and solidifying Collins’ status as a leading solo artist of the 1980s.

Phil Collins – Sussudio – Lyrics