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George Michael - A Different Corner - single cover

“A Different Corner” was released on 24 March 1986. It was his second solo single, following the success of “Careless Whisper”. At the time of its release, Michael was still a member of pop duo Wham! (the song is included on Wham!’s album Music from the Edge of Heaven only released in Japan and North America, as well as their compilation album The Final, released worldwide, and later on George Michael’s compilation album “Ladies & Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael.

“A Different Corner” is a ballad characterized by its minimalist arrangement, featuring primarily keyboards and synthesizers. The song has a reflective and somber tone, both in its music and lyrics. The lyrics speak of love and regret, capturing the melancholy of lost opportunities and the wistfulness of what might have been. The chorus encapsulates the emotional depth of the song:

The song was a commercial success, reaching number one on the UK Singles Chart and making George Michael the first solo artist to achieve a number one single with a self-written, self-produced track in the UK. It also performed well internationally, charting in the top ten in several countries. Critically, “A Different Corner” was praised for its emotional depth and Michael’s vocal performance. The song showcased his ability to convey vulnerability and introspection, setting him apart from many of his contemporaries in the pop music scene.

The music video for “A Different Corner” is simple and understated, featuring George Michael alone in various settings, reflecting the song’s themes of solitude and introspection. The visual approach complements the minimalist production of the song, focusing attention on Michael’s expressive performance.

“A Different Corner” is considered one of George Michael’s classic hits and remains a significant part of his musical legacy. It demonstrated his songwriting and production capabilities and helped solidify his reputation as a serious solo artist, paving the way for his subsequent successful solo career, including the release of his landmark album “Faith” in 1987. The song continues to be appreciated for its emotional resonance and artistic craftsmanship, maintaining its place as a standout ballad in George Michael’s catalog.

George Michael – A Different Corner – Lyrics