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“I Want to Break Free” is a song by the British rock band Queen, released in April 1984 with “Machines (or ‘Back to Humans’)” on the B-side as the second single from their eleventh studio album, “The Works.” Written by the band’s bassist, John Deacon, the song became one of Queen’s most famous and enduring hits, notable for its catchy melody, lyrical content, and iconic music video.

he song was crafted during a period when the band was experimenting with different musical styles, blending rock with pop and electronic influences. “The Works” album, released in 1984, marked a return to a more rock-oriented sound after their previous album, “Hot Space,” which had a more disco and funk influence. The song’s lyrics express a strong desire for personal freedom and liberation. It deals with themes of independence, self-determination, and the breaking free from oppressive or stifling situations. While the lyrics can be interpreted in various ways, many listeners connect them to the broader human experience of seeking freedom and authenticity in their lives.

The song was a commercial success, particularly in the UK and Europe. It reached number 1 in the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, South Africa and other countries. On the UK Singles Chart, it reached number 3. However, its reception in the United States was more mixed, partly due to the controversy surrounding its music video.

The music video for “I Want to Break Free,” directed by David Mallet, is one of Queen’s most famous and talked-about. It features the band members in drag, parodying the British soap opera “Coronation Street.” Freddie Mercury, dressed as a housewife, vacuums the house, while other band members portray different characters in a humorous and satirical manner. The video was both celebrated and controversial. In the UK, it was seen as a playful and bold statement, reflecting Mercury’s theatrical persona.

Queen – I Want To Break Free – Lyrics