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“Room with a View” is a song written by American musician Tony Carey, and produced by Carey and English producer Nigel Jopson. It was released in 1988 with “Michael Landau’s Themes From Wild West (Instrumental)” on the B-side as the single from the soundtrack to the Dieter Wedel’s German series “Wilder Western Inclusive”. The single reached #3 in Germany for two weeks in January 1989.

“Room with a View” is a melancholic and atmospheric song that features Carey’s haunting vocals and a lush, full production that incorporates elements of rock, pop, and new wave. The song’s lyrics express a sense of isolation and longing, with Carey singing about a person who is trapped in a small, empty room and yearning for a connection to the outside world. Despite not being a major commercial success outside of Germany, “Room with a View” has become a cult favorite among fans of 1980s music. Its moody and introspective lyrics, along with Carey’s distinctive vocals and the song’s haunting melody, have made it a memorable and enduring contribution to the new wave and post-punk genres.

In addition to his solo work, Tony Carey is also known for his collaborations with several prominent rock bands, including Rainbow and Planet P Project. “Room with a View” stands as one of his most notable and respected solo releases, and it continues to be celebrated as a classic of the 1980s music scene.

Tony Carey – Room With A View – Lyrics