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“She’s Out of My Life” is a ballad song by Michael Jackson, released in 1980. The song was written by American songwriter Tom Bahler. It as released in April 1980 as the fourth single from Jackson’s 1979 hit album “Off the Wall.” The song was originally written for Frank Sinatra, who never recorded it.

“She’s Out of My Life” was a commercial success, reaching the top ten in several countries, including the US, Canada, and the UK. The song has since become a fan favorite and a staple of Jackson’s live performances, with the singer often performing it in a more stripped-down, intimate style.

“She’s Out of My Life” is a soulful and emotional song, featuring Jackson’s signature falsetto vocals and a gentle, understated arrangement. The song’s lyrics deal with the pain and heartbreak of a failed relationship, with Jackson singing about the loss and regret he feels after his lover leaves him.

Michael Jackson – She’s Out Of My Life – Lyrics