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“What About Me?” is a song by American country music artist Kenny Rogers, featuring pop singer Kim Carnes and R&B singer James Ingram. Released in 1984, the song was the title track of Kenny Rogers’ album What About Me?. It stands out as a notable collaboration between artists from different musical genres.

Kenny Rogers, Kim Carnes & James Ingram - What About Me? - single cover

The song “What About Me?” was written by Richard Marx, Kenny Rogers, and producer David Foster. “What About Me?” achieved commercial success upon its release. It reached number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and number 1 on the Adult Contemporary charts both in the United States and Canada The song’s broad appeal across multiple genres demonstrated the effective collaboration between the three artists.

“What About Me?” remains a memorable collaboration in the careers of Kenny Rogers, Kim Carnes, and James Ingram. It showcases the ability of artists from different genres to come together and create a song that resonates with a wide audience. The song is often included in Kenny Rogers’ greatest hits compilations and continues to be appreciated for its emotional depth and melodic appeal. The song’s success contributed to the ongoing popularity of Kenny Rogers during the 1980s, a period marked by his crossover appeal between country and pop music. For Kim Carnes and James Ingram, the collaboration highlighted their versatility and ability to blend their distinct styles with Rogers’ country sensibilities.

Kenny Rogers, Kim Carnes & James Ingram – What About Me? – Lyrics