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“Teardrops” is a song recorded by the American musical duo Womack & Womack. It was released in 1988 and appears on their album “Conscience”. It was released in August 1988 with “Conscious of My Conscience” on the B-side. The song was a commercial success, reaching the top 10 in several countries including the UK, where it reached number 3.

“Teardrops” is an upbeat dance-pop song that features a catchy chorus and a memorable bassline. The song’s lyrics describe the emotions of someone who is heartbroken and unable to stop their tears from falling. Despite its melancholic subject matter, the song has a upbeat and danceable rhythm that has made it a popular choice for clubs and dance parties.

Womack & Womack is a musical duo made up of husband and wife Cecil Womack and Linda Womack. They were active in the music industry from the 1980s to the 1990s and are known for their blend of soul, R&B, and dance music. “Teardrops” is considered one of their signature songs and is often regarded as one of the best dance-pop songs of the 1980s.

Womack & Womack – Teardrops – Lyrics