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Sheriff - When I'm With You - Single Cover

Sheriff – When I’m With You – Music Video. “When I’m with You” is a power ballad by the Canadian rock band Sheriff. The song was written by Canadian producer Arnold Lanni. It was originally released in 1983 as a single from their self-titled debut album but achieved significant success years later in 1989 when it was re-released as a single. The single was re-reased on November 16, 1988 with “Give Me Rock ‘N’ Roll” on the B-side.
Although “When I’m with You” didn’t gain immediate success upon its original release in 1983 (#8 in Canada, and #61 in the U.S.), it found a resurgence in popularity in 1989 when radio stations started playing the song. It eventually climbed the charts, reaching the number-one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. The success of “When I’m with You” brought Sheriff into the spotlight, but unfortunately, the band had already disbanded by the time the song became a hit. Despite their breakup, the song’s popularity allowed Sheriff’s members to reunite briefly for performances.

“When I’m with You” is characterized by its heartfelt and romantic lyrics, melodic hooks, and Curci’s emotional vocal performance. The song’s soft rock sound, driven by acoustic guitars and atmospheric keyboards, creates a nostalgic and tender atmosphere.

The lyrics of “When I’m with You” express the intense feelings of love and the joy that comes from being with someone special. The song captures the emotions and vulnerability experienced when two people are deeply connected and highlights the happiness found in their presence.

Sheriff – When I’m With You – Lyrics